Wek 37

Depending on what chart you look at, I’m either 8 or 9 months pregnant. Yeah. I am feeling it. Dropping things at this point, pretty much means they stay there until someone else can pick them up. I’m trying to get out and sociable as much as I can, but it’s getting hard, and I’m … More Wek 37

Week 35 and 36

I’m officially on leave now! And the timing was perfect. Last week on Thursday and Friday, I had a hell of a time getting up out of bed, and getting out of my chair at work was painful too. Sooooo much pain in my … umm…. for lack of better terms, vagina. Getting in and … More Week 35 and 36

Week 33 and 34

So much busy-ness!!! Whew. Luckily, I’ll be off work shortly, so I’ll have time to breathe (well, I will when this baby drops) In the last 2 weeks, so much has happened, but my baby brain won’t let me remember the majority of it. I had my first Trade Show with 31 Gifts, I got … More Week 33 and 34

Week 32

Slow down time!!! I feel like everything is whizzing by and I’m just a passenger. Whew!! 8 Weeks remain on this bun in the oven. I realize that by the time I post this… it’s pretty much time for my 33 week post, but whatevs. 3-ish more weeks, and I’ll be off work, and have … More Week 32